7.1.19 / Events

Celebrating 50 Years of Pride

On Sunday June 30th, God’s Love hit the streets for WorldPride, celebrating 50 years of Pride and 50 years since the Stonewall Uprising. We were thrilled to be joined by Chef Amanda Freitag, Felipe Rose of the Village People, and designer Peter Som!

Fifty years ago it took great courage for people to fight back at Stonewall. It took great courage to do that, at a time when it was not at all clear that others would stand with them.

Thirty-five years ago it took great courage for our founder, Ganga Stone, to deliver meals to the first client of God’s Love, a man named Richard, who was at home, dying of AIDS. Richard was abandoned, wasting from the disease, and alone.

After Richard there was another person, and another person, and then another person. Soon, Ganga couldn’t do it alone. It took great courage from this community to rally and come to peoples’ homes — to bring them food and bring them sustenance — to bring them love from God’s Love. We’ve been delivering meals and delivering love ever since and, today, cook and home-deliver nearly 2 million meals a year!

As we celebrate Pride, we celebrate our history, our future, and our unwavering commitment to those living with HIV, to diversity, to LGBTQ+ rights, and to our entire community.

See below for our video about our history within the Pride movement.

For more than 28 years, God’s Love We Deliver has supported the March, which is hosted by NYC Pride. Year after year, it is a wonderful celebration of our mission, clients, volunteers, and community. It ties back to our roots and our unwavering commitment to those living with HIV, to diversity, and to LGBTQ+ rights. God’s Love has always been a friend to the LGBTQ+ community which has played such a critical role in our history and mission. As staff, volunteers and supporters, we reflect on our community and history, and remember that our strength always comes from our diversity that delivers caring, respect, dignity and love every day.

2.25.21 / Community

Chef Curtis’ Roast Chicken Caribe

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2.16.21 / Community

Community Outreach with Ralph Wilson

God’s Love We Deliver is one of the most important resources in New York City for people living with serious illness, but if people don’t know about us, we can’t do anything to help them. As Program Outreach Coordinator for G…

12.30.20 / Clients

2020 Year in Review

These are just a few of the amazing accomplishments you helped God’s Love achieve in 2020, all while working through COVID-19. We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for making our 2020 possible – we look …