In the late eighties, a man named Elliot Schneider read about God’s Love We Deliver in a local magazine. Intrigued by our mission of delivering meals to people with AIDS, Elliot immediately went to our home base in a church on 86th Street and Amsterdam and asked how he could help. Our founder Ganga Stone suggested he take photos of our clients, so that our supporters could see the people they were helping, and so the outside world could see the great need there was for our services. Immediately Elliot got to work taking photos, and has been a
lifelong supporter ever since.

Little did Elliot know that his photography would have a lasting impact on his family, in particular his son Jeffry. At the time, Jeffry was in his teens, going to school, playing sports and spending time with friends. Jeffry was deeply affected by his father’s artwork, his service and commitment to God’s Love, and the mission of God’s Love itself.

Fast forward three decades later and Jeffry is now founder of Ascendant Capital, LLC. He splits his time between his hometown of NYC and Austin, Texas. He has seen the growth of God’s Love over the years and knows that it is through donations large and small that our operation has been the success that it is. Jeffry tells us, “Helping others has always been a passion of mine. I am honored to help New Yorkers in need by partnering with God’s Love.” Jeffry feels relief knowing that even when he’s not in NYC, he’s still taking care of his neighbors.

For years, Jeffry’s children have delivered meals to our clients on the holidays and helped prepare food in our kitchen. Last fall, Jeffry and his business partner David Gentile, owner of GPB Capital, made a substantial gift to God’s Love, sponsoring thousands of meals for our clients. In March, Ascendant Capital and GPB Capital were major sponsors of our amazing benefit concert at the Beacon Theatre, Love Rocks NYC!

David has a long history with God’s Love as well. In the early nineties, David worked as an auditor for the Department of the Aging and saw the great work nonprofits in NYC do to support the elderly. From this experience, he knows firsthand that a strong social support network is critically important for the elderly and the sick.

So much has changed in our 30 years, but our core values have not. Every day our clients struggle with malnutrition, hunger, illness and isolation. When they contact God’s Love, they find a community who cares deeply about them. We are so grateful to Jeffry and David for their longtime support, and we know how special it is to have donors who believed in our work in the early days, and are committed to securing our future. Thank you, Jeffry and David, and everyone at GPB Capital and Ascendant Capital, for believing in our urgent mission and caring for our clients.