Nááts’íilid Béégashii (Rainbow Cow)

Artist: Amy Denet Deal

This cow will be “grazing” at the New York Hall of Science – Queens Pasture

About Amy Denet Deal

Amy is the founder of indigenous owned sustainable upcycling brand 4KINSHIP and an enrolled member of the Diné (Navajo) Tribe. She believes that there is power in our choices, and 4KINSHIP’s brand mission to create transformation resources for community, a pathway the brand took when Navajo Nation was so deeply impacted by COVID 19.  Click here to learn more about Amy and 4Kinship. 

Connect with the Artist:

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Interested in Purchasing this Cow?

Deal’s cow will be sold at our online auction by Heritage Auctions September 9-October 7 to benefit God’s Love. Please contact us at to learn more about purchasing this cow.