CLEAR Cowstellations

Artist: Chris Sainato

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This cow will be “grazing” at the Hudson Yards – Manhattan Pasture

About Chris Sainato

Chris Sainato (born 1992) is a contemporary American artist known for his use of collage and mixed media. Chris was born in Albany, NY and studied Fine Art at Union College in Schenectady, NY. In 2014, he moved to Stamford, CT where he began a career illustrating graphics for Vineyard Vines.

While working as a designer, Chris continued to sharpen his skills as an artist by not shying away from trying different techniques. His work spans many different themes and subject matters, with the common link being the use of collage. He uses his skills as a graphic artist to lay out each piece on the computer and recently has leaned harder into exploring the possibilities of image transfers rather than traditional painting of main subjects. Click here to learn more about Chris.

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Interested in Purchasing this Cow?

Sainato’s cow will be sold at our online auction by Heritage Auctions September 9-October 7 to benefit God’s Love. Please contact us at to learn more about purchasing this cow.

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