Cleopatra The Belgian Blue

Artist: Garrett Chingery

This cow will be “grazing” at the New York Hall of Science – Queens Pasture

About Garrett Chingery

As a representational painter, Garrett Chingery explores the aesthetic as well as the social concerns of contemporary life. His work depicts highly rendered likenesses of subjects while simultaneously revealing an internal portrait of their being that goes far beyond the surface to reveal a complex inner life. He seeks to vividly express the heart of the psyche, the notion of self, and our relationship to the physical and non-physical worlds. Click here to learn more about Garrett and his artwork.

Connect with the Artist:

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Interested in Purchasing this Cow?

Chingery’s cow will be sold at our online auction by Heritage Auctions September 9-October 7 to benefit God’s Love. Please contact us at to learn more about purchasing this cow.

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