Artist: Pat Conlon

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This cow will be “grazing” at  The Rockaways Pasture

About Pat Conlon

Patrick Conlon is the quintessential smart talking, street walking surfer, artist, marketer, and Epstein’s Bar owner from Rockaway, New York City. He grew up surfing the waters of the Rock and sneaking into punk rock shows in the 1980’s. These beginnings led him to move to SoCal get his degree from U.S.C. In between classes, he started an industry surf ‘zine that chronicled lifestyles, music, and trends in beach culture and vibe. The zine endeavor had a profound effect on what would become the basis of his art, the art making process and his understanding of the power of a sticker. Click here to learn more about Pat. 

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Interested in Purchasing this Cow?

Conlon’s cow will be sold at our online auction by Heritage Auctions September 9-October 7 to benefit God’s Love. Please contact us at to learn more about purchasing this cow.

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