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This cow will be “grazing” at the Hudson Yards – Manhattan Pasture

About Jihae

Jihae is a South Korea-born actress, musician and multimedia artist. She will recur on HBO’s Emmy winning drama Succession Season 3 as Berry Schneider, a public relations consultant. She guest starred in the 2020 Season Two debut episode of Netflix series Altered Carbon, in which she played the torch singer in the compelling opening sequence performing the title track of her latest album Illusion of You. The song, produced by Dave Stewart (Eurythmics and Songland) is also played at the end credits. Her performance of ‘I Got You Under My Skin’ by Cole Porter is also featured in the opening episode. Illusion of You — which features Jihae’s co-write with the legendary Leonard Cohen and Dave Stewart on the song, “Just Feels” – follows her third album, Fire Burning Rain.  Jihae co-wrote, produced and starred in a multimedia rock opera based on the album, with Academy Award-winning playwright/director John Patrick Shanley. Click here to learn more about Jihae.

Ether is a motion triggered sonic cow that speaks and sings.  She was designed as a conduit for a collective voice of forests, rivers, oceans, animal and plant species to call humanity back into harmony with nature. As 1 million animal and plant species face extinction, a shepherd’s herding call is sounded in reverse to awaken us to the urgency of the earth’s climate reaching tipping points of no return. Ether is the element that connects us to spirit, intuition, other realms and planes. Ether is stillness, that which contains and holds. Ether is both nothing and everything. The origin of ether is sound in its primordial form from which vibration emerges long before it manifests into the form of sound. Ether and sound are inseparable. She sings to remind us of the interconnected oneness of all living beings.

Jihae created a short film that shares the story behind Ether, which is available to view below.

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