Queen of Jazz Moosic

Artist: Taylord

This cow will be “grazing” at the Bronx Community College – Bronx Pasture

About Taylord

West Texas Based Portrait painter Taylord, is a dedicated artist of recent years. With a foundation in live painting and street art, Taylord unfolds flowing portraits with spray paint, acrylic, and house paint. She aims to capture the emotions of the many faces of life. Her work varies from cultural icons to the gentle movers, tapping into nostalgia along the way. She is fascinated by every aspect of human existence, the layers of emotion and the storytelling behind a face.

Portrait Artist Taylord was inspired by the rich culture of New York City, specifically the early Jazz scene, and those who have forged the way to cultivate the sound. Dubbed The Queen of Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald’s soulful voice called for a cow as vibrant as her. Utilizing exterior house paint, Taylord uses rich primary colors, flowing patterns, and bold portraiture for her cow. The ‘Queen of Jazz Moosic’ aims to provide a melody of colors, character and soul.

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Interested in Purchasing this Cow?

Taylord’s cow will be sold at our online auction by Heritage Auctions September 9-October 7 to benefit God’s Love. Please contact us at to learn more about purchasing this cow.