Personalized Holiday Tribute Cards

Share the Spirit of the holiday season with our personalized holiday tribute cards from God's Love We Deliver.

Personalized Holiday Tribute Cards

Your tribute card gifts are the perfect way to share love, gratitude, and warm wishes with beloved family members, cherished friends, and valued business associates.

Share the Spirit of the Holiday Season

This popular giving program allows you to support our life-affirming work this holiday season while we make the joy of sharing convenient for you! For a minimum of $15 per card (provides one client meal and one child’s breakfast) we will personalize, stamp and mail tribute cards to your friends, loved ones, and business associates with your return address on the envelope. Just send us your mailing list through our online ordering portal and we’ll handle the rest.

Other options for sharing love, gratitude, and warm wishes with family, friends, and business associates include blank cards, non-animated cards and animated e-cards.

All of our services to our clients, their children, and senior caregivers are provided free of charge and full of love.

Each 5×7 card will be personalized with your name and following message:

“This holiday season [your name personalized here] made a generous donation in your honor to God’s Love We Deliver. With best wishes for peace, health, and hope in the new year.”

Our Holiday Tribute Card Selection This Year

Looking for your address list from sending cards last year?

Here’s how to access it:
1. Choose your card image
2. Enter your email at the prompt
3. Once you enter your email, you’ll receive a code in your email. Enter that code back on the website.
4. Now you’ll see your address list AND return address to edit, add, and delete
5. Your list will remain in this ordering portal so if you want to send another card later, you can by repeating this process

NEW THIS YEAR: You can choose different card images. Just repeat the process for accessing and choosing and editing your address list for each image.

If you are unable to use our online ordering portal or have any issues with your email, please contact us at or 212.294.8142 and we will help you share the spirit of the season.

GRACE Card Front GRACE Card Inside


Captures the grace of a fresh snowfall in Central Park. Color photography of New York City snow with a hint of sepia. Card is horizontal. Photograph by Jicky.

HOME Card Front HOME Card Inside


Captures feelings and memories of home for the holidays. Multi-colors of green, red, brown, white, grey, blue. Card is horizontal. Grandma Moses, Christmas, 1958, Smithsonian American Art Museum.

LOVE Card Front LOVE Card Inside


All you need for the holidays is a sprinkle of everyone's favorite secret ingredient: love. White background, black and white drawing with bright red hearts and signature God's Love logo on chef's hat. Drawing by Art Glazer. Card is vertical.

MAGIC Card Front MAGIC Card Inside


A magical snowy night out on Christopher and Bedford Streets in Greenwich Village, NYC, 1982. Black and white photograph. Card is horizontal. Photograph by Suzanne Poli ©

PEACE Card Front PEACE Card Inside


The peace dove in all their brilliant glory. White dove with background of multi-color stripes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, grey. Card is vertical.

WISH Card Front WISH Card Inside


Timeless holiday wishes for the season and new year: peace, love, joy. Light blue background, brown tree, robin red-breast bird with black head and back, white snow on bottom, words in black type. Card is vertical.

Click holiday cards to enlarge the image.

We fulfill card orders as received. We begin sending to recipients late November and are not able to send on requested dates. International recipients are mailed to allow for 4-6 weeks eta for holiday arrival. Blank card orders are mailed to you when order is received.
All paper cards are mailed first class through the United States Postal Service.

Blank Holiday Cards

If you would like to order these holiday tribute cards and instead you personalize your name and send, please purchase in the link below (we call these Blank cards).

The Perfect Holiday Tribute E-Card

for Your Company and Friends

Non-Animated Holiday Tribute E-Card

We will send you a personalized PDF with the image(s) of your choice from above selection to distribute via email.

Personal: name only….. $150 minimum each (provides 15 personalized birthday cakes)

Business: name, logo, short message….. $1,500 minimum each (provides 1 month of meals for a client, child, and senior caregiver)

Animated Holiday Tribute E-Card

We will send you a personalized GIF with the PEACE image to distribute via email. Includes your name or corporate logo…..$2,500 minimum each (provides 6 months of meals and nutrition counseling)

*Animated card only available in one option

I’m not going to send a card this year. I still want to share …


Sponsor 5 Weeks of Delicious Hearty Soup for a Client

Give $54

Sponsor 10 Personalized Birthday Cakes

Give $100

Sponsor 1 Month of Meals for a Client and Their Child

Give $650

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