Join the VANguard! Sponsor a van to help us deliver meals and deliver love.

We would not be able to home-deliver the more than 2 million medically tailored meals each year for our clients without our state-of-the-art refrigerated vans. By purchasing a van for God’s Love We Deliver and joining our VANguard program, you will be with us each mile, providing meals that heal, delivered with LOVE! We’ll include your name and logo on the top and sides of the van, so that every New Yorker who passes by knows that you’re a member of our VANguard. Our vans drive more than 230,000 miles each year. With your support, your van will help us go the distance for our clients.

VANguard Sponsorship Levels

Introducing: VANguard PLUS: $100,000

Your sponsorship of a refrigerated van PLUS one full year of:

  • gas
  • parking
  • maintenance
  • insurance
Join VANguard PLUS

Sponsor a van: $70,000

For $70,000 all-in, you sponsor a van for our fleet

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