You can make someone’s December Winter Feast special and joyful.

Thanksgiving 2020 Photo by Rommel Demano COVID-19

For most of us, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. We gather around tables overflowing with food, surrounded by the love and laughter of our friends and family.

But for someone with a serious illness, this season can be very difficult. Too sick to shop or cook for themselves, they sit down to an empty table—feeling disconnected, forgotten, and alone.

When you Celebrate with a Plate, you’ll feel good knowing you’re providing comfort and joy to a neighbor in need.

What's on the Menu?

This year’s Winter Feast will certainly nourish and delight! A photo of a volunteer in our kitchen holding up a Winter Feast meal for our clients.

On our regular menu, clients will enjoy Beef shepherd’s pie; rutabaga, turnip, kale, red pepper, and wax beans; potato and cauliflower soup; hermit/ginger cookie

On our pescatarian menu, clients will enjoy roasted salmon with balsamic drizzle and all other components above

On our vegetarian menu, clients will enjoy local mushroom casserole and all other components above

And of course, we are offering the above meals in minced and pureed meals, for our clients who medical conditions require these modifications.

We’re pleased that our Winter Feast menu includes the below:

  • Bones for our beef stock donated by local Hudson & Charles
  • Wild-caught salmon that is MSC-certified
  • Local mushrooms from Township Farm upstate


Other Special Holiday Treats

Our clients will also receive a red God’s Love beanie as a gift, and their children will receive gift cards, too.

And, this winter we are sending 5 days’ of emergency meals to our clients in the event that we are unable to deliver.


Sponsor Winter Feasts Meals Today



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Give $120/Month

Thanks to the generous support of people like you, we we will deliver more than 9,000 Thanksgiving meals

for our clients and their guests this November.

Meals that heal, delivered with love.

What began with one woman delivering a meal to a friend with a terminal illness, is now a community of 17,000 volunteers who deliver meals, dignity, and love to people too sick to cook or shop for themselves.

When you donate, you become part of a joy-filled community that provides so much more than food on a plate. Together, we can deliver compassion, connection, and care to someone who needs it most. Especially during the holidays.

Celebrate with a plate and fill the belly and heart of a neighbor in need.