Janette Beckman & Julie Grahame’s Photography Fundraiser

Curator and publisher Julie Grahame and photographer Janette Beckman have teamed up on a photography sale in support of God’s Love We Deliver we work during COVID-19.

As the coronavirus continues to afflict New York City, God’s Love We Deliver is seeing an increase in demand for their services. In the last three weeks, meal numbers are up from 8,600 to 9,200 daily, and they are now ramping up operations to serve another 1,000 individuals daily. When Janette and Julie heard of this growing demand, they decided to put their art and hearts together to help God’s Love.

Now, the two have launched a photography sale at For donations at $200, donors will receive the print of their choice. Each photograph sale will sponsor 20 meals for the clients of God’s Love We Deliver.

“My connection with God’s Love We Deliver stretches back,” says Janette Beckman. “Over the years I have worked in the kitchen, delivered meals and photographed the staff and clients. I have seen the difference they’ve made in New York City. The work they do is absolutely crucial and I’m so proud to bring the art world together to support them.”

“The artists and I are thrilled to support God’s Love with our fundraiser,” says Julie Grahame. “Raising money for the meals that this beloved local charity provides for New Yorkers in need is a tangible way for us to do something to help at this difficult time.”

To view the photographs, please visit

Select your favorite print, then “click here to buy” in the caption.

100% of each donation will sponsor meals for the increasing number of clients on the God’s Love We Deliver program.

Donations can be made at

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