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Legacy Society

Every day, vulnerable New Yorkers reach out to God’s Love We Deliver for help. We provide them with life-sustaining meals and nutrition counseling, free to all clients and their families and always full of love.

The Legacy Society is comprised of individuals who have chosen to support our work by including God’s Love in their estate plans. Planned gifts, including bequests, create an extraordinary opportunity to provide the much-needed resources that will enable us to help the seriously ill today and well into the future.

Joining the Legacy Society is easy – you can make God’s Love a beneficiary in your will, retirement plan, life insurance, trusts, or other estate planning vehicles. Legacy Society members receive special recognition, as well as invitations to donor events and programs. If you are already a member, thank you. If not, please consider joining today.

God’s Love is a 501(c)3 organization | Federal Tax Identification #13-3366846
Please note: this is not legal advice. Any prospective donor should seek the advice of a qualified estate and/or tax professional to determine the financial consequences of their gift.

Four Options for Getting Started


By including God's Love We Deliver in your will, you can offer support without giving up crucial assets you may need now.

401 (k), 403 (b), IRA, or pension funds

Retirement Assets

By making a gift of retirement assets, you may save your estate the significant burden of paying both estate and income taxes on those assets.

Life Insurance

Donating your life insurance policy to God's Love We Deliver may allow you to claim an immediate income tax deduction for the current value of the policy, and you may also be able to deduct your future premium payments.


Charitable remainder trusts offer supporters a way to provide for themselves and their loved ones while they are alive and also support God's Love We Deliver.

Meet Members of The Legacy Society

Legacy Society Members

  • David Abramson
  • Carol G. Alexander
  • Carol M. Anderson
  • Elaine A. Anderson
  • Victoria Arzano
  • Nicholas Athanail
  • Jens Audenaert
  • Lawrence Balter
  • Jordan Michael Barbakoff
  • Paul Beirne
  • Mark B. Black and Glen B. Leiner
  • Dorothea Blom
  • Christina J. Blythe
  • Jonathan H. Bond
  • Rebecca Bond
  • Richard A. Bradspies
  • David Brandes
  • Mark S. Brashear
  • Rusty Breedlove
  • Anna Louise Canario
  • Ann Marie Carollo
  • Daniel Carrier
  • Mary P. Carter
  • Nando de Carvalho
  • Peter B. Carzasty
  • Maria Caso
  • Annie Chan
  • Amy R. Chasanoff
  • Lloyd Cheu
  • Jonathan Stephen Clark
  • John D. Claypoole
  • Robert Conley
  • Stephen Covello
  • Cynthia J. Cox
  • Kendell J. Cronstrom
  • Howard Davidson
  • Myles Davis
  • John DeRemigis
  • Max Dobens
  • Raven Dolling
  • Miriam Driot
  • Howard L. Grier and Anton Dudley
  • Stephen A. Earle
  • Joan Ermish
  • Richard E. Feldman
  • Mindy Ferguson
  • Donald M. Filicetti
  • Richard Fink
  • James D. Fox
  • Martin Friedman
  • Cindy Furgang
  • Timothy Gibson
  • Rhona L. Gilbert
  • Jon H. Gilman
  • Denise M. and Michael T. Gilson
  • Norma Grant
  • John Gray
  • Arlene Greco
  • Lester Gribetz
  • Robert Gros
  • Joan A. Harden
  • Trevor Hardwick
  • Richard W. Hatter
  • Brian P. Hotaling
  • Charles R. Hovland
  • Paul J. Backstrom and David S. Hutchison
  • Jeffrey L. Jackman
  • Bryce Jenson
  • Robert P. Jepsen
  • Joseph Page, Jr.
  • Susan Kantrowitz
  • Barbara Joan Wax Kassal
  • Linda Miriam Kates
  • Rick Kaufman
  • Christopher P. Kennedy
  • Barbara Kirsh
  • Raymond Klausen
  • Jeffrey M. Krauss
  • Karen L. Krautheim
  • Barbara and Stuart Kreisberg
  • Darleen M. Krimetz
  • Thomas R. Lalla
  • Mark H. Lanspa
  • Eugene A. Lefkowitz
  • Adrian Kahan Leibowitz
  • Irv B. Lerner
  • Belinda Levychin
  • Ann K. Lindenfeld
  • Andrew E. Linehan
  • Minna Lipkin
  • Richard H. Livesey
  • T.J. Luty
  • Michael P. Mangone
  • Audrey S. Manners
  • Teresita Martinez
  • Charles Masson
  • Michael J. Meagher
  • Carol Merkel
  • Laurence H. Merritt
  • Bruce N. Miller
  • Karen L. Miller
  • Henry and Helene Morrison
  • Christina Nelson
  • Chantal A. Newman
  • Michael R. Normile
  • Violet Orosz
  • John L. Panarace
  • Nancy L. Parker
  • Arlene Pasquale
  • Dianne and James D. Patterson
  • Shelley A.L. Pennachio
  • James W. Pesavento
  • Jeffrey A. Pfeifle
  • Karen M. Pohlig
  • Maria Polito
  • William Raff
  • Carol T. Rapoport
  • William R. Reader
  • Bob Rizzo
  • Nicholas Rook
  • Randy Rosema
  • Naomi S. Rosenthal
  • Arlyne Rothenberg
  • Ryan R. Rueckl
  • Margaret Russell
  • David A. Ryan
  • Michael Saint-Cyr
  • Michael L. Samuels
  • Eric Sanders
  • Donald Sayer
  • Janet Kane Scapin
  • Richard T. Schack
  • Judith Schasberger
  • Robin Schweitzer
  • David L. Scott
  • Michael A. Sennott
  • Sam Shahid
  • Matthew G. Sherwin
  • Christopher Shuff
  • Lisa L. Simon
  • Amiel L. Singer
  • Rajendra Singh
  • Shirley D. Singh
  • Thomas Skorupski
  • Shannon D. Snead
  • Edward W. Snowdon
  • Anthony Stefanoni
  • Analee Sternberg
  • Laurie Stewart
  • Robin V. Strasser
  • Dorothy S. Strauss
  • Glenn A. Stress
  • James F. Strickland
  • Lorrie I. Stuart
  • Lawrence Swehla
  • Alfred Szymanski
  • Michele M. Tanzella
  • David A. Terveen
  • Raymond W. Townsend
  • Tamara R. Tunie
  • George Cominskie and John D. Turner
  • Daisy Vasquez
  • Odette Venizano
  • Edward Vladich
  • Sylvia R. Vogelman
  • Carol Faye Vorperian
  • Alexander Tedford and Andrew Wallace
  • Laura De La Torre and Paul Walling
  • Eric Blomquist and Pete Webb
  • Lester C. Weingarten
  • Virginia Weiss
  • Elliott Wengersky
  • Tom Whitburn
  • Rod Winterrowd
  • Eva Wirth
  • Annie Wong
  • Vincente Wolf and Matthew Yee
  • Monika Zuckermann
  • Anonymous

Need More Information?

For more information on joining the Legacy Society, please contact Ruth Schlossberg at or 212.294.8160.

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