Healthcare Partnerships

God’s Love We Deliver serves in the space between hunger and health. As such, we often do not fit the funding criteria for local, state and federal grant programs. To ensure we continue providing for those in need, we engage in innovation with healthcare partners who focus on the same populations that we serve. Some examples of our healthcare collaborations appear below.

Funding Streams

Partnerships with Health Plans

Medicaid Mainstream Managed Care Partnerships

God’s Love We Deliver is a NYS Department of Health Tier 1 community-based organization. We support value-based payment (VBP) initiatives for a variety of insurance products by addressing social determinants of health, including food insecurity and malnutrition.

Medicare Advantage Partnerships

Medically Tailored Meals are an optional benefit provided through Medicare Advantage Plans for a short duration either immediately following surgery or inpatient hospital stay or to facilitate lifestyle modifications for individuals coping with chronic illness.

Hospital Partnerships: Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Model (DSRIP)

The goal of DSRIP is to reduce avoidable hospitalizations for the Medicaid population in New York State by 25%. Access to medically tailored meals is key to accomplishing that goal. God’s Love has been part of DSRIP since its inception, with membership in 10 hospital Performing Provider Systems, where we have served as a vocal advocate for the needs of our clients. Through this participation, we are now part of five hospital-based pilots to test the value of medially tailored meals. Here are some examples of these innovative partnerships.