Tricia Leid

We’re thrilled to announce that our colleague, Tricia Leid, has been promoted to Chief Operations Officer. In her role, Tricia will oversee and coordinate the efforts of our Program Services teams (Client Services, Healthcare Partners and
Nutrition), Kitchen team, and Fulfillment and Logistics teams (Meal Packaging, Inventory and Delivery).

Tricia has spent the past two years as our Senior Director of Fulfillment and Logistics. In this time, she’s grown our delivery capacity to more than 2.5 million meals annually. To accomplish this, she expanded our fleet to 26 vans, improved our meal packaging processes, and launched a new Dynamic Delivery model. These new innovations helped ensure the delivery of 310,000 shelf-stable meals during the course of the pandemic. Tricia also managed delivery logistics for our new Care Transitions program, delivering meals to people recently discharged from the hospital. She did all this while managing logistics and delivery during multiple winter storms and other ongoing challenges during the pandemic. Tricia is absolutely dedicated to getting our clients their meals.

Before God’s Love, Tricia served in a number of roles including regional Manager of Supply Chain Operations (Liberty Global), Manager of Purchasing and Warehouse (Columbus Communications Limited), and Distribution Specialist (IBM World Trade Corp.). She also served as the Director/President of the nonprofit Association of Female Executives of Trinidad & Tobago where she led and facilitated Board strategy sessions, business networking, coaching programs and fundraising events with her

Tricia earned her MBA in International Trade, Logistics and Procurement with Distinction from the University of The West Indies, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, and recently completed a Certificate in Design Thinking. She serves as an Honorary Board member of Pace University.