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Celebrating 39 Years of Pride at God's Love

Responding to a Crisis

In 1985, our founder Ganga Stone delivered her first meal to Richard Sales, a man living with AIDS. She realized how the crisis was affecting New York City and founded God's Love We Deliver.

Growing Our Support

Since Ganga's first delivery, we have grown to now serve 16,000 New Yorkers with over 200 diagnoses. We proudly honor Ganga's legacy by delivering to anyone who needs us, all while never having a wait-list.

How We Show Pride

At God's Love, we celebrate Pride all year-round. We establish collaborations with local LGBTQIA+ organizations and providing resources for people living with life-altering illnesses.

Upcoming Events

Jun 13

genLOVE Pride Night at Hush

Celebrate Pride at Hush with God's Love We Deliver!

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Pride Month Collaborations

A Slice of Pride

God’s Love Board member Melba Wilson, founder of Melba's Restaurant in Harlem, will be donating proceeds of her delicious Pride Cake towards medically tailored meals for our clients. “Regardless of who you love, what you eat, what you don’t eat, we all have a place,” says Melba.