Chef Sicily Sierra

Chef Sicily Sierra is a chef, restaurateur, and serial entrepreneur.

Starting her first career (acting) at the age of 7. Sicily became a successful actress as “Young Aisha” on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and on the primetime family comedy, “One On One” as Spirit. But for Sicily, the Hollywood afterparties and award shows were less about networking and more about watching chefs prepare food for party-goers. “I would just wish I could cook for those people,” she remembers.

“I have always been fascinated by how food and people intersect. And, how meals turn into a tradition.”

She followed that desire and enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu’s culinary arts program. After graduating she started a double internship at the Los Angeles Times’ test kitchen, testing recipes for the newspaper then went on to work at other food businesses as a food stylist and caterer  before working on a successful dessert food truck.

After becoming a mother, Sicily decided to look into her family’s history and the dishes she remembered from her childhood. Her great-great-great-grandfather Roe Duncan, a slave who cooked for a white family in Tennessee in the 1800s. Roe and his wife Alice passed down their recipes to their 8 daughters and they passed those recipes down and so on and so on until they reached Sicily. With this Sicily and her mother co-founded Pinky & Red’s as part of La Cocina’s incubator program.

She then moved to New York City, opening a restaurant in Manhattan and topping the list as one of Resy hot new restaurants. Leading her to open a thriving CPG company in the middle of the pandemic. Now, she is ready for a new adventure, to cook and share with you in your home.

And, Chef Sicily Sierra does all of these things in the name of community, liberation, joy, and nostalgia from her kitchen to yours.