A photo of two volunteers smiling at the camera in the God's Love kitchen.

Volunteering with God's Love We Deliver

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with God’s Love We Deliver!

Without the help of our amazing volunteers – thousands every year – we simply would not be able to cook and deliver over 15,000 medically tailored meals each weekday.  Our volunteers work in the kitchen, deliver and package meals, work in our office and help out with special events to help us achieve our life-saving mission.

If you are not feeling well or have any concerns about volunteering, DO NOT VOLUNTEER NOW.

Meet our Volunteer Department

Have questions? Email us at volunteer@glwd.org

Director of Volunteer Services

Yolanda Deceus (she/her)

Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

Roberto Guerrero (he/him)

Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

Shaine Poueleson (she/her)

Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

Rich Grainger (he/him)

A headshot of Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, Annalee Fannan.

Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

Annalee Fannan (they/them)

Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

Tulah Fuchs (she/her)

Get a Sneak Peak in to your Meal Kit Assembly and Delivery Shifts

Our staff will be working with you all along the way during your volunteer shifts.  See what happens during Meal Kit Assembly and Delivery.

Urgent Needs

Client Meal Delivery

Our most-needed shift, you'll ride as passenger in our delivery van and assist our staff in delivering meals to our clients.

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Meal Packaging, 6:30a-8:30a, M-F

Join our meal packaging shifts and ensure that our clients get the exact meal bags they need!

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Deliver With Your Own Car, 10a-1p, M-F

Deliver with your own car during lunch time to any borough in NYC!

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Thanksgiving 2020

Published on Nov 28, 2020

Thanksgiving 2019

Published on Dec 9, 2019

Thank you to the more than 1,700 volunteers who worked so hard to help us cook and home-deliver 8,400 Thanksgiving meals this year!

Our Volunteers are 10,000 Strong!

Published on Apr 12, 2018

For more than three decades, God’s Love We Deliver has been providing the medically tailored, nutritious meals that our clients so urgently require. From the very beginning, we recognized the force of the tremendous heart of our volunteers. Today, we are proud and humbled to have the help of our now 13,000 individuals who give their time and talent to God’s Love every year.

No Tank Tops in the Kitchen!

Published on May 23, 2017

At God’s Love We Deliver, we are committed to maintaining the highest possible standard of food safety for our clients living with severe illness. It’s important to our staff, our volunteers, and our clients to know that every single one of the thousands of meals produced in our kitchen each year has been prepared with a commitment to quality, nutrition and love.


Published on Jun 26, 2018

On Sunday, June 24, God's Love We Deliver was joined by over 200 staff, volunteers, and community members at the 49th Annual NYC Pride March. God's Love has participated in the event for more than 28 years and we are grateful to everyone who joined us! #FeedYourPride

What we accomplish with our volunteers

Published on Jun 28, 2018

Every year our volunteers help us reach new heights as we deliver more meals and reach more people than ever. Check out all the fantastic milestones we have reached this year -- we couldn't have accomplished so much without you!

From the Blog: Volunteers


2,000+ Volunteer Service Hours

  • Wing Tat Leung
  • Edward Prostak
  • Norma Grant
  • Brenda Curtis
  • Richard Ophals
  • Martin Friedman
  • Roz Gilbert
  • Dennis Luczak
  • Randy Savitt
  • Evan Schwartz
  • Bob White
  • Irv Lerner
  • Brian Hotaling
  • Edward Coffina
  • John Moore

1,000-1,999 Volunteer Service Hours

  • Charles Napoli
  • Vincent Rada
  • Mindy Liu
  • Linda Irby
  • Jicky Leidicke
  • James Walsh
  • HILL Nmdc
  • Donald Eckert
  • Terry Hofler
  • Suzy Sobel
  • William Komar
  • Michael Kenny
  • Linda Kates
  • Fitz Fitz
  • Klaus Villa

100-999 Volunteer Service Hours

  • T. j. Luty
  • Stephanie Suskin
  • John DeRemigis
  • Alma Thompson
  • Francis McLaughlin
  • Sunny Cade
  • Paul Steinberg
  • Fran Ferguson
  • Sharon Cacioppo
  • Laurie Bloomfield
  • Pamela Conrad
  • Annie Wong
  • James Magenheimer

Need More Information?

View our FAQs and other helpful information on our Volunteer FAQs & Resources page.

Or feel free to contact our Volunteer Office via email at volunteer@glwd.org or telephone at 212.294.8158.