Healthcare Partnerships

God’s Love We Deliver serves in the space between hunger and health to positively impact health outcomes. As we often do not fit the funding criteria for local, state, and federal grant programs, we have created innovative pathways to partner with Managed Care Organizations, Hospitals & Health Systems, and all healthcare-adjacent space as a critical part of a patient’s plan of care. Our partners have benefitted from lower healthcare costs, improved their members overall quality of life with a trusted community partner, and seamlessly integrated God’s Love into their daily processes without any significant administrative burden.

Get the evidence here: medically tailored meals work!

Pathways to Partnership

Partnering in medically tailored meals results in lower cost of care, reduce hospital admissions, and prevent further healthcare complications

Explore Medicaid

In Lieu of Service (ILS)

Medicaid Managed Care recipients are provided with alternative services that are medically appropriate and cost-effective substitutes for existing covered services.

Value-Based Payment (VBP)

A program to focus on lowering the cost of care and improving the overall health of its members, while providing monetary incentives to health care providers.

Medicaid Waiver 1115

A Managed Care program which provides comprehensive and coordinated health care to Medicaid recipients, thereby improving their overall health coverage.

Medically Tailored Meal Impact

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Social Drivers of Health

Results: alleviate food insecurity, lower cost, high yield intervention

Neurological Disorders

Avoid malnutrition and enhanced quality of life


Results: Appropriate weight maintenance and nutrient intake

Kidney Disease

Results: Manage fluid and sodium intake

Cardiovascular Disease

Results: Improve Blood Pressure and Cholesterol


Results: lower blood sugar, improved A-1C levels

Partner Testimonials

With more than 20 years of experience partnering with healthcare, here’s what some of our partners’ patients and members say about our medically tailored meal program.