Donate Crypto Currency

Support God’s Love We Deliver by donating crypto currency and nourishing New Yorkers living with severe and chronic illness. Please consult with your financial planner to determine your tax benefits.

Why Donate Crypto?

Your donation of cryptocurrency allows us to meet the growing demand for medically tailored meals for New Yorkers living with severe and chronic illness. Being sick and hungry is a crisis that demands an urgent response and, with your support, God’s Love will always deliver.

Meet our clients in the video below, to learn who you’re supporting when you donate crypto currency.

Tax Benefits of Donating Crypto

Donating cryptocurrency is a non-taxable event, meaning you do not owe capital gains tax on the appreciated amount and can deduct it on your taxes. This makes Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency donations one of the most tax efficient ways to support God’s Love We Deliver. If you want to learn more about how donating crypto can lower your taxes, check out Talk to a crypto-savvy tax professional or connect with The Giving Block to get connected with one.

Other Ways to Give