Tips to Stay Cool and Beat the Heat

Stay cool from the summer heat!

Extreme heat is one of the most significant hazards facing New York City. On average, 350 New Yorkers die each year because of heat. In New York City, most heat-related deaths occur after exposure to heat in homes without air conditioners. You can stay safe during hot weather by spending time in an air-conditioned space – a few hours of relief can reduce your risk of heat illness. If you don’t have an air conditioner, you can apply for a free air conditioner through the Home Emergency Assistance Program (HEAP) by calling 311 (212-639-9675 for Video Relay Services, or TTY: 212-504-4115) or visiting:

Please take care out there, drink plenty of fluids, and check in on your neighbors. ❤️

Need More Resources?

For more information, including heat-related health tips, locations of cooling centers, and warning signs of heat illness, visit or

Shelf-Stable Security

God’s Love We Deliver sends shelf-stable meal bags each summer and winter to ensure that our clients have shelf-stable nutrition at home in the event we cannot deliver due to inclement weather.

Thanksgiving day volunteers with meals and holiday tote bags

Shelf-Stable Meals