Medically Tailored Meals Work! Research Shows:

Peer-reviewed research has demonstrated that for individuals with complex health conditions, medically tailored meals led to:

Data also shows that people who receive medically tailored meals:

Per the Tufts study of 2022, if every eligible patient were able to access MTMs in just the first year, our country would realize:

  • $14B in net cost savings for our health systems
  • 1.6 million hospital visits avoided

Food Insecurity

For individuals living with severe chronic illness, they’re not just facing food insecurity–they are facing nutrition insecurity.

According to Food Bank for NYC:

  • More than 35.2 million United States residents, or 10.9 percent, are food insecure.
  • Nearly 2.1 million New York State residents, or 10.7 percent, are food insecure.
  • Nearly 1.1 million New York City residents, or 12.5 percent, are food insecure.
  • New York City residents make up half (50 percent) of all food insecure people living in New York State.
  • The number of food insecure individuals in New York City is projected to increase by more than 44 percent due to COVID-19. As such, nearly 1.6 million or 18.6 percent New York City residents are now projected to be experiencing food insecurity.

Source: NYS & NYC: Map the Meals Gap (2019); Feeding America (2021). Note that this data is released one year after it is collected

According to the New York State Department of Health:

  • Among New York City boroughs, the percentage of adults who experience food insecurity is highest in the Bronx (39 percent) and lowest in Richmond County (22.1 percent).


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