As 2012 comes to a close, it’s incredible to look back over the past year at what has been accomplished at God’s Love. All of these milestones and achievements owe a great deal to you, our dedicated and hard-working volunteer family, who have not only given your time, but also your love and support. Let’s take a moment to walk down memory lane and remember just some of the highlights of another stellar year at God’s Love We Deliver!


– We participated in Whole Foods Market “5% Day” and raised over $60,000 for God’s Love.

– Over 200 volunteers, staff and supporters walked with us at the Heritage of Pride March, making it our largest representation ever.

– In October, we honored Cindy Little, Ryan Murphy and Michael Kors at our Golden Heart Awards and Michael made a monumental donation of $5 million to our Expansion Campaign.

– After Hurricane Sandy, we distributed 2,300 emergency meal kits, donated 8,000 frozen meals to affected areas, reached 750 client homes in 3 days following Sandy… all of which was done without lights, phones, databases and on limited gas.

– This year’s Thanksgiving Feast was our largest ever, delivering a record-breaking 3,400 meals to clients, their dependents and guests.

– We commemorated World AIDS Day with a panel of the AIDS Memorial Quilt which included a piece for our longtime volunteer Roz Gilbert’s son.


On top of all this, we still managed to complete our everyday mission of ensuring that no one has to face the dual crises of hunger and illness. That of course translates into: 46,000 gallons of soup and 1.1 million entrees and desserts that were prepared, packaged, kitted and delivered to over 4,500 clients, dependents and caregivers. All of this was thanks to the hard work of over 7,600 individual volunteers and 800 corporate, student and community teams. That’s quite a year! We can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to make 2012 a banner year for God’s Love. We wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons and look forward to another amazing year with you!