We recently held our annual Volunteer Appreciation Party, honoring another wonderful year of wonderful people doing wonderful things. We truly have the best volunteers in the world and we had a blast spending the evening celebrating them. And starting this year, we honored all volunteers who have achieved over 1,000 hours of service. What an incredible feat! So please join us in a round of applause for these amazing individuals who have given of their time and talents: 

Aimee Ross

Molly Allen

William Komar

Irv Lerner

Angelo Sperrazza

Bayard X

Brian Hotaling

P. Robert White

Carol Alexander

Charles McEwen

David Stern

Debbie Deitcher

Debbi Baum

Deborah Corenthal

Donald McComb

Don Newcomb

Denise Gilson

Evan Schwartz

Gayle Balsky

Joe Hooper

Jicky Leidicke

Joan Adler

John Lemien

Judith Schasberger

Jonathan Wind

Klaus Villa

Kim Wainwright

Kyler James

Lisa Glover

Leslie Plotkin

Linda Irby

Laurie Machson

Li Ng

Dennis Luczak

Norma Grant

Len Magnus

Mitch Applebaum

Marla Jo Brickman

Martin Friedman

Mary Fong

Martha Palma

Joan Bennett

Mark Porter

Raj Singh

George Cominskie

Scott Hayter

Deborah McMillan

Patrick Smith

Peter Ranello

Vincent Rada

Richard Fink

Ray Kurdziel

Ruth Cahn

Richard Ophals

Roz Gilbert

Ann Parker

Monica Tarver

Simone Smith

Sylvia Vogelman

Edward Prostak

Suzy Sobel

Terry Hofler

John Moore

Vered Behr

Cindy Little

Wing Tat Leung

Ann Steffen

Eleanor Guiterman

James Strickland

Nancy Lin

Gerardo Huertas

Kathy Hunt

Robert Waterman