Last week, God’s Love had the pleasure of hosting Trey Morgan, an on-air Z-100 personality. Trey has embarked on a remarkable project, “30 Deeds in 30 Days.” He and his wife Brooke, a graduate student in Publishing, are volunteering at 30 different NYC not-for-profits, learning about what they do and demonstrating that there is a good volunteer opportunity for everyone who wants to contribute to their community.

I’m more NPR than Z-100, but Trey and Brooke touched my heart. They are for real. I must admit, before I met them, I wondered if this project was just a media play to expand Trey’s audience. But I was wrong. Now I know that Trey wants to make a difference, to encourage people to get involved in helping other New Yorkers in need.

At God’s Love, Trey and Brooke dug in. They worked in the kitchen and went on a local delivery. They asked a lot of questions, talked to a lot of staff and volunteers, and wanted to understand what made God’s Love how we created such an engaging experience.

Of course, a big part of the answer is the amazing volunteers who come to God’s Love everyday. They make it possible for us cook and deliver almost 850,000 nutritious meals a year. And, they make it fun. There’s always a conversation about the newest theatre production, restaurant opening, book launch, fashion news, sports event or personal story to share. I thank our volunteers from their service and spirit and encourage others who haven’t experienced the magic yet to join us.

Trey understood the power and engagement of volunteerism too. This excerpt from his blog is just a taste.

“One of the things that impressed me the most was how dedicated and committed the volunteers are. One volunteer has logged 70,000 hours! God’s Love We Deliver is truly a community within a community. I met a few people who have been volunteering consistently with God’s Love We Deliver since the early 90’s! They love what they do…”

I encourage you to read Trey’s blog and watch his video about his day at God’s Love.

I want to thank Trey and Brooke for helping us get the word out about God’s Love and our life-sustaining work. If you have ideas that will help us spread the word even further, I’d love to hear them.