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A Menu for Sustainability

As a provider of food and nutrition services to people living with serious illnesses, God’s Love We Deliver is committed to selecting products that promote health and sustainability. These considerations are vital to protecting our clients’ health, our local economy and our environment. This Earth Day, we’re excited to share some of the ways we’ve grown our sustainability efforts:

Denise Bailey in her chef outfit holding a box of Matriark in each handServing up Upcycled Broth
We are thrilled to share that we’ve started a new partnership with Martriark Foods, a company that sells delicious broth concentrates made from upcycled vegetables.

The cost of food waste to our earth is immense. From the pollutants that enter the soil and watershed from intensive agriculture, to the carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere when organic matter slowly breaks down in landfill. To cut down on our waste, we have a digester on-site in our kitchen, but we’re excited to double down on our efforts by partnering with a company that is actively designing waste out of the larger food system, turning vegetable remnants that might otherwise be thrown away into something both delicious and nutritious.

Read our blog post on Matriark with founder/CEO Anna Hammond here, and get Chef Andre’s recipe for Upcycled Vegetable Puree Soup here.

Sustainability from Near and Far
Our diverse relationships with sustainable partners range from hyperlocal organizations to global companies. Our partnership with Project EATS provides organic herbs grown just miles away on the rooftop garden at Essex Crossing that make our meals even more nutritious and flavorful. Our regional relationships with New York State producers ensure healthy local produce and proteins. And many of our spices now come from Burlap & Barrel, a single origin spice company that works with small farmers worldwide. We’re thrilled to receive support from our community for our investment of time and resources in the inextricably linked health of our clients and our environment.

Growing Goodness
Not only does our rooftop herb garden provide us with gorgeous views of tulips annually, but we also grow herbs which we then cook in to our meals. We hope you can stop by the roof the next time you’re here, to see our new signs which describe which menu items use which herb!

Nutrition and Sustainbility Guidelines

Our Nutrition Services and Kitchen Departments have created nutrition and sustainability purchasing standards for all types of products. These guidelines are in alignment with both overall agency goals and the nutrition education that clients receive from our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.

Taking Care of the Earth and Each Other
As we look ahead to cooking and home-delivering more than 2.5 million medically tailored meals in 2021, we do so proudly growing our sustainability efforts, taking care of the earth and each other.

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