Today we had a visit with our founder, Ganga Stone. We talked about our expansion, our incredible volunteers, and how important it is to feed our neighbors who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves.

Ganga read from her 1991 Spring newsletter, at the time of our first expansion from to the American Youth Hostel, before our move to our SoHo headquarters. In it, she said, “For every client we do reach, there are at least three or four who we don’t… We have made a vow never to turn an eligible client down, never to ask a hungry person to wait a few days for a meal. We never had to break that promise and, no matter what it takes to keep it, we never will.”

Today, as we renovate and expand our SoHo home, more than doubling the size of our building and doubling the number of meals we cook and produce each year, we are staying true to that commitment that Ganga and God’s Love made so long ago.

Because as Ganga puts it, “What are human beings at their core? Generous, giving and caring.”

It is powerful to see how far God’s Love has come — from delivering one meal to one man who was living with AIDS to, today, cooking and delivering more than 1 million meals each year to those in the NYC metropolitan area living with severe illnesses. We send our thanks and love to our inspiring founder, Ganga Stone, for seeing and believing in our important mission, and for helping so many people, with the help of so many.