Last week, our nutrition department held the first of what will be an ongoing series of free nutrition webinars, open to anyone.  Now anyone with a computer and internet can hear from our expert staff of Registered Dietician Nutritionists on cutting edge research about cooking and eating to nourish your health!

It’s as simple as registering with your email address and logging onto ZOOM at the appointed time. We are eager to share our expertise with as many people facing serious illness as possible. We reach more than 7,500 New Yorkers with our home-delivered medically tailored meal service, but we know that millions of Americans and people abroad can benefit from the knowledge that we use every day to design menus, consult with clients, and create educational nutritional material.

In this first webinar, Jamie Lopez, MS RDN, spoke for an hour on Nutrition and Breast Cancer. She dedicated the webinar to women who are living with and have survived breast cancer. She offered suggestions for a diet that supports overall well-being; her tips can help in either treatment or prevention.

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"Diet is important in all stages of life, but especial during treatment and during recovery." - Jamie Lopez, MS RDN