Big Apple Crunch

On Friday October, 24th, God’s Love We Deliver took a bite out of the big apple! In celebration of Food Day 2014, we participated in Grow NYC’s Big Apple Crunch event. Since 2012, Grow NYC’s Big Apple Crunch has been promoting healthy eating by getting New York City residents to eat local New York State apples. One medium apple, or about the size of a baseball, provides about 80 calories and one-fifth of the dietary fiber you need each day for heart and digestive health. They are the perfect snack or addition to a meal! That’s why we also provide New York State apples to our clients on a regular basis.

Last year 1 million New York State apples were eaten at same time and the goal was to beat that this year. God’s Love We Deliver answered the call and contributed a whopping sixty-five additional crunches to the Grown NYC effort to crunch more than 1 million apples.

It was a cool crisp morning at the temporary headquarters in Brooklyn, and baskets overflowing with New York State apples could be seen on several floors. In preparation for the event, some juggled, others performed gravity-defying apple magic, and many practiced their best crunching pose. Then, at exactly 11:30 am most staff, volunteers, and interns paused their tasks…gathered at their various posts…readied their chops…and bit into the crunch heard round the world. New York State apple juice went flying! Taste buds were buzzing! And teeth were crunching! A beautiful local apple festival came to fruition!

We considered the Big Apple Crunch a great success at God’s Love We Deliver and we look forward to Food Day 2015. A big thank you to our incredible volunteers and staff for making this year’s celebration a success!

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