We are so thrilled to have been mentioned in a recent article in the Huffington Post titled “Take Care to Give Care: Nourishing Our Nation’s Caregivers”. This article, written in honor of November’s National Family Caregivers Month, sheds light on the 34.2 million Americans that have provided unpaid care to an adult age 50 or older. The article discusses the importance of nutrition not only for the person who is sick but also for their caretaker. Often times caregivers, especially those who are not paid, are busy and under stress which leads them to eat an unhealthy diet. That unhealthy diet could also be fed to the person they are taking care of.

At God’s Love, we recognize the importance of nutrition, not only for the client but also their caretakers. This is why we deliver meals for our client, their senior caretakers, and also their children, in order to eliminate any stress relating to cooking or shopping. In addition, and referenced in the article, our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists released a helpful booklet titled “Nutrition Tips for Caregivers” that provides helpful food safety, diet, and nutrition information. For more information about our senior caregiver program or our other services please visit our website.