Despite the established link between nutritional deficiencies and disease, health care providers often do not screen for food insecurity or provide referrals to food and nutrition providers. In a recent blog post by the Health Affairs Blog, they discuss Hunger Free Colorado, a program that addresses food insecurity by implementing a multifaceted approach. The program’s goal is to increase nutritious food access and decrease diet-related diseases throughout the state. The program, implemented by Kaiser Permanente of Colorado, involves a two-question hunger screen and a follow-up referral process. God’s Love We Deliver applauds the efforts of the Hunger Free Colorado program as it is a huge step towards clinic-to-community integration that we so desperately need to address food insecurity. In addition, we would like to emphasize the need not only for a food insecurity screen but also a malnutrition screen, as patients may have access to food, but it may not be the food they need.