As described in a recent article by the Medical Association of the State of Alabama, after 38 years as a doctor treating primarily cancer patients, Dr. Luis Pineda noticed something, the link between the side effects of cancer treatment and malnutrition. He saw his patients constantly struggle to get the nutrients they needed because of their lack of appetite. He decided to take action and enrolled in culinary classes in order to learn how to cook nutritious meals that were designed specifically for his patients. These meals were not only nutritious but also designed to please patient’s taste buds so they were more likely to eat.

At God’s Love We Deliver we understand the benefits of medically tailored meals and this is why we home deliver 1.5 million meals per year to our clients all over New York City. We hope that many other physicians will follow Dr. Pineda’s lead in thinking outside the box when it comes to treatment. As the leaders of the Food is Medicine Coalition, we truly believe that food and nutrition is a vital part of treatment, and are constantly fighting to ensure medically tailored home-delivered meals and nutrition services are provided to those who are very ill. For more information about the Food is Medicine Coalition and the work we are doing please visit us on twitter and be sure to tweet using the hashtag #foodismedicine.