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Driving to End Food Insecurity with Craig Newmark and craigstable

You may know Craig Newmark, or you may know craigslist, the immensely popular classified advertising website he created. But you may not know that Craig has devoted a good portion of his time and energy to helping others through philanthropy. Initially, Craig focused on protecting journalists, women in technology, and helping our Veterans. Craig recently significantly expanded his charitable work to include food insecurity.

As Craig bluntly puts it, “I notice more and more people are going hungry in America and that pisses me off. We have more than enough food for everyone”.

We totally agree.

Craig, like God’s Love, decided to do something concrete about this humanitarian crisis in our country, in our own neighborhoods. He has donated millions of dollars to top hunger fighting and nutrition organizations across the United States and has encouraged them to share their unique expertise in different aspects of food insecurity under the umbrella called craigstable.

Craig’s generosity is already having an impact on God’s Love and the people we serve. Using $70,000 from his recent gifts, Craig made a very visible contribution to our delivery efforts allowing us to purchase the new craigstable delivery van. This brand-new refrigerated van will help us travel over 223,000 miles traversing New York City’s five boroughs to bring medically tailored meals to our vulnerable clients. The craigstable van will make 60 stops per day to bring urgently needed nutrition and a human connection to those too ill to shop or cook for themselves.

Hear from Craig Himself

With Craig’s support, God’s Love is expanding our home-delivered medically tailored meal program by launching a pilot program to assist Veterans with a PTSD diagnosis. This six-month pilot which started June 28, is facilitated by partnerships with two institutions funded by and introduced to God’s Love by the Bob Woodruff Foundation: the NYC Department of Veteran Services and PsychArmor. Every week, enrolled Veterans will receive ten meals, medically tailored to meet needs specific to their PTSD diagnosis, along with nutrition assessments, and unlimited nutrition counseling. We’re excited to share the results of this pilot in the months ahead!

We thank Craig for his generosity, and his shared vision that hunger is not acceptable for any person, especially those living with serious illness.