Delivering Love to Bill

Bill is 84 and lives in Queens with his wife of 60 years, O’Kellen. He has been a client of God’s Love for four years due to his struggle with cardiovascular disease. But before he was sick, he enjoyed a long and respected career as a trailblazing journalist.

Bill received many prestigious awards in recognition of his work as a newscaster and for his contributions to the African-American community. He graduated from Baruch College and began his career in 1960 as a staff announcer and engineer for radio station WWRL in Queens. Bill went on to become a radio news reporter and news director at WLIB, turning his attention to documentaries on the civil rights movement. He would then move on to television news reporting at Fox Television station WNYW- TV, becoming an anchorman and executive producing his own program on the station. Eventually, he became Vice President of Fox Television. Not long after his well-deserved retirement in 2000, his life turned into a nightmare. Bill’s battle with cardiovascular disease led to a stroke that required him to re-learn how to walk, talk, and accomplish everyday tasks. His world was turned upside down, but through it all O’Kellen has been by his side, despite her own health and mobility issues. Reaching out to God’s Love changed everything.

Bill feels stronger since he has been on our program. He says, “I look forward to my delivery every Tuesday. The meals are delicious and appetizing. It’s so important for folks who are ill to have food that makes you want to eat.” His doctor is pleased with his progress and does not need to prescribe any new medications for him.

Bill says that many people with his condition get worse due to lack of proper nutrition. But he feels better because of our home-delivered meals, tailored specifically for him and his diagnosis. Bill and O’Kellen wholeheartedly believe that “Food is Medicine;” and Bill adds, “Your name is just right – it really is all love.