A recent article in Edible Manhattan, entitled “This Hospital’s Rooftop Garden Embodies a Growing Shift Within Medical Care”, profiles Lenox Hill Hospital’s newrooftop garden, complete with rocking chairs, picnic tables and large wooden planters overflowing with peppermint basil, Kentucky mint, tomatillos, chives, strawberries and more. There is a emergent body of evidence that visual and physical contact with natural greenery provides a range of health benefits to people. Access to green space has been associated with a wide range of health benefits, including both mental health and physical benefits, and can aid general well-being.

Here at God’s Love we cannot agree more! We recognize that food is love, and that it’s not just good nutrition which helps the body to heal, but an individual’s surrounding environment. Following this growing movement towards the beneficial effects of environmental health, we now feature a rooftop garden at our newly renovated building in SoHo.

The roof atop The Michael Kors Building at God’s Love We Deliver provides not only breathtaking views of the city from the 7th Floor, but also a 450 square foot open air herb garden, where scents of lavender, thyme, basil, oregano and chocolate mint fill the air. As part of our commitment to healthy eating and healthy healing, many of our herbs are used in our food we prepare for our clients, substituting for excess salt and artificial flavoring, which is never used at God’s Love. Our garden is open to staff and volunteers in all seasons. We have prepped our garden for the winter season and invite all volunteers and staff to help sow the soil this spring.

Please contact our volunteer department if you are interested in any volunteer opportunities including gardening with us this spring!