And so, it is done! We have completed the final day of riding. What a glorious week it has been. The weather has changed for the better and we had cool crisp mornings with pleasantly sunny afternoons. I am raising money for God’s Love We Deliver but it seems like I am all the richer for this experience.
After yesterday’s adventure on the road, we returned home to find Renaissance costumes for us all. We had cocktails in the garden room looking out at the ruins of the 16th century castle, accompanied with live music of the period.
Dinner was in the library which had 15th century stained glass windows. Dinner ended with a very large cake in the form of the keep of the castle. It was an evening to remember and I always will.

Today we followed some of the same roads as the Tour de France, climbed some pretty steep hills and then went to Puy du Fou, a theme park in the Loire Valley. It is one part History Channel, one part Renaissance Fair and one part Disneyland, all with a French twist.
So what does all of this have to do with God’s Love We Deliver and a bike ride? Not much but everything. Each week hundreds of volunteers help to feed thousands of clients. We step out of our normal routines to do some good in the world. We don’t save the world but we do make some tiny part of it better. This ride has allowed all of us here to push ourselves harder and further than we normally would. Yes, we have a little fun and even a little silliness at times, but we expand our safe zone and our lives are richer for it.
Maybe you can’t do the ride, but you can walk it. If you can not walk you can crew. If you can’t do that, maybe you can volunteer at God’s Love We Deliver and run in the Race to Deliver in November. Failing all of that you can give even a dollar to God’s Love to support their wonderful work. Believe me, your life will be the better for it. My personal bank account may be small when compared to others, but my life experience account is second to none. Enrich your life and give your time or money, or both, to God’s Love We Deliver. You will be the richer for it.
Au Revoir from The Chateau at La Flocelliere. See you in the kitchen in a few weeks.
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