Exciting Partnership with Northwell Health’s Food as Health Program

We are very excited to be partnering with Northwell Health System on their hospital-based initiative designed to address food insecurity and other hunger-related factors.  The initiative, called the Food as Health program, includes partners such as Island Harvest Food Bank, Long Island Cares, Baldor Specialty Foods and the Illinois-based foodservice distributor, US Foods.

According to Northwell Health, almost 1.3 million people living in the New York City metropolitan area are described as being food insecure and as we know from years of providing services ourselves, increases the risk of chronic diseases and longer stays in the hospitals.

God’s Love We Deliver will be providing medically tailored meals to individuals that have serious illnesses, are food insecure and that have been released from the hospital.  The partnership that involves patients that will be enrolled on our program and will receive comprehensive nutritional assessments and counseling from our team of registered dietitians.

The program will begin based out of Northwell’s Long Island Jewish Valley Stream and is expected to expand across all Northwell’s hospitals.  Services will be provided to those patients that are being released from the hospital and will include an in-hospital nutritional assessment of need and a referral to either Island Harvest Food Bank, Long Island Cares, or God’s Love We Deliver depending on the severity of the illness of the patient.

This is an exciting opportunity for us given that we have been serving individuals receiving treatment at Northwell Health’s hospitals and clinics for more than twenty years.  We look forward to collaborating with both the hospital system and other service providers to address the needs of those living with serious, life-altering illnesses throughout the city.

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