After a challenging start Monday morning, services are back to normal for God’s Love We Deliver. 

“We usually start cooking at 4am on Mondays, but due to subway services resuming at 6am,  our kitchen got a late start,” said Director of Systems and Production, David Cholcher. “Even with commuting delays, our delivery drivers were on the road to clients by 8am. So many people are counting on us. We serve a vulnerable clientele.  They need their meal delivery, regardless of the weather.” 

Staff and volunteers have been working nonstop to call hundreds of clients, and get meals to clients’ homes as quickly as possible. As of Tuesday, August 30th, less than 2 days after Hurricane Irene blew through the East Coast, God’s Love We Deliver was running on a normal schedule. 

From all of us at God’s Love We Deliver, thank you for reaching out and checking in, thank you for your concern for our clients and our operations. We cannot do what we do (especially in inclement weather!) without you.