This weekend, our amazing volunteers from Evenings & Weekends NYC built 1,700 Blizzard Bags, which will be delivered to the clients, caregivers and children on our program. 

These wonderful bags are filled with enough non-perishable items to make two meals. Specifically, these bags containe 1 5 ounce can of tuna, 1 4 ounce fruit cup in juice, 1 granola bar and a ready-to-eat meal. We’re so pleased that we are able to bring this nourishing emergency food to our clients, after we have had such a difficult winter. 

Each winter, God’s Love builds and delivers a Blizzard Box filled with non-perishable food items in the event that, due to inclement wather, we are unable to deliver. Groups of volunteers put in several hours of work to build these boxes. This year, we have had such difficult weather that creates challenging delivery situations, so we are building a second round of emergency kits, called Blizzard Bags, for our clients. 

Thanks to our fantastic volunteers who worked so hard to put these Blizzard Bags together today and thanks to our God’s Love community who has made these bags possible! 

To donate to a round of Blizzard Bags, please visit To see more photos of our Blizzard Bag building session, please see our Facebook album.