Orchestra Biomed visits God's Love 12.4.23
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Gratitude and Giving Back: A Powerful Symphony of Support!

I am beyond thrilled to share the incredible efforts of my close friend, David Hochman, Chairman of Orchestra BioMed, and his exceptional team. This week, they dedicated their time and energy to volunteer at God’s Love We Deliver, contributing to a cause that is close to my heart.

Together, they took on the pack out line with enthusiasm, filling soup containers and ensuring that over 13,000 medically tailored meals are prepared and delivered daily. Their commitment to making a difference is truly inspiring, and I am filled with gratitude for their selfless contribution.

David’s leadership and the collective effort of the Orchestra Biomed team exemplify the true spirit of community and compassion. It’s heartwarming to witness professionals coming together to support organizations like God’s Love We Deliver, which plays a vital role in providing nourishment and care to those in need.

I am not only proud to call David my friend but also incredibly grateful for his unwavering support in rallying his team for such life-sustaining work. Their dedication is a testament to the positive impact businesses can have when they prioritize giving back to the community. Let’s continue to amplify the ripple effect of kindness and support one another in creating a better world.

Thank you, David, and the Orchestra Biomed team, for making a real difference and inspiring us all to be better versions of ourselves.