On June 3, God’s Love We Deliver received the Community Impact & Innovation Award at the Komen Greater NYC Impact Awards in NYC. We are so grateful to our friends at Komen Greater NYC for this honor and for their generous support over the years. Our thanks also to our Board member and great supporter, Tamara Tunie, for introducing our President & CEO, Karen Pearl, at the ceremony when she accepted the award on behalf of God’s Love.

Food is medicine. When women are facing the crisis of breast cancer and a long road of difficult treatments, they don’t have the strength, and they should not have to worry about taking care of their most basic need – the need for food and nutrition. Our clients at God’s Love We Deliver face this need every day.

Our clients are low-income women with diverse backgrounds, facing extreme hardship. They are often alone, or with young children, and they worry. They worry about their health, their children, and, even though they need good nutrition to heal and get strong again, they will give whatever food they have to their kids so that the kids do not have to suffer.

That’s why at God’s Love, we know that when we bring meals to people who are sick and to their children, it makes all the difference in the world. Women are better able to manage their treatments, take their medications and stop worrying because their kids are getting the nourishment they need every day.

The dietitians at God’s Love also help women figure out how to stay healthy as their health improves. Women learn what to eat and how to prepare it, so they can stay strong on their path to recovery and, hopefully, to reclaiming the life they knew before their breast cancer diagnosis. That is what the support from Komen Greater NYC makes possible.

Since 2007, Komen Greater NYC has made grants to God’s Love totaling $675,000 in funding for this essential program. Just think about what it’s made possible: Komen support has helped our breast cancer program deliver nearly a half a million nutritious meals to more than a thousand individuals and families affected by breast cancer. Thousands of nutrition counseling sessions have happened. And, hundreds of children have benefited from nutritious snacks and meals.

We absolutely could not have the impact we have without the amazing partnership with Komen Greater NYC. On behalf of our Board, staff, volunteers and, most especially, the women who count on God’s Love for good nutrition and delicious meals, thanks to everyone at Komen Greater NYC for this fantastic honor and for such a wonderful event!