Today is National Compliment Day and we couldn’t be more excited about it here at God’s Love! It’s always nice to receive a compliment but it’s also wonderful to give a compliment. Here are some that we’d like to give to our God’s Love community…

“You’re amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work!”

“Your support means so much to so many!”

“Oh wow, you can chop a lot of carrots!”

“Your smile simply makes my day!”

And here are some compliments from our clients…

“I just want to tell you that your meals are excellent!  I don’t usually like soup, but yours is delicious!  I’m so pleased and wanted to be sure to let you know!”

“I think your meals are out of this world, fantastic!”

“You guys are great!”

“The fish is unbelievable.”

“I love the food and the program!”

So happy National Compliment Day, everyone! Thank you to you, our God’s Love community, who do so many amazing, caring things for so many.

We hope you feel the love today… join us on Facebook and Twitter to join in our conversation!