Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe the holidays are over and we’re in 2011! It’s been an incredible year here at God’s Love and the last month was no exception. We had a fantastic Winter Feast celebration on Christmas Eve this year, with over 500 volunteers helping in the kitchen, office and on the roads making deliveries. Over 3,000 meals were prepared and delivered, as well client holiday gifts and toys for those with children. We also delivered our emergency “Blizzard Boxes” which most definitely came at the perfect time last week when NYC was blanketed in 2 feet of snow! THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of our amazing volunteers who helped us recover last week. As always, you came to our rescue! Many of you worked in the kitchen helping us catch up after losing two days of prep or trudged in the snow to deliver meals to areas that hadn’t even been plowed yet. We’re so grateful for and impressed by your dedication and commitment to volunteering and to our clients. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and we look forward to spending yet another phenomenal year with you!