Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day. A wise (and anonymous) person once said, “Food is Love Made Visible.”

Wow! That is what we accomplish everyday in partnership with our volunteers.

Food is Medicine/Food is Love.

That’s how we often talk about our life-saving program. Our meals help people heal or keep people from declining rapidly in their health. Client tell us that our food and nutrition program works. “You’ve saved my life,” is something we hear quite often.

What clients also tell us is that they “feel the love in every bite.” They know the meals are cooked, the desserts are baked, both are packed and all is delivered with love, by our staff and our volunteers. Everyone here at God’s Love – no matter your role – is part of this beautiful chain.

As we feel the love today, remember that you are passing on great love and life-sustaining support to thousands of people every year who count on God’s Love for their health and well-being.

I hope you know how grateful our clients and their families are for your dedicated and loving service. I, too, am grateful for the care you give to our clients, each and every day.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.