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Heartfelt Thanks from our Clients During the Holidays

Every holiday season we hear from clients and their families about how special their Thanksgiving and Winter Feast celebrations were. We are thrilled to hear how meaningful they found each delivery. Read on below for some of what our clients and their loved ones had to say about their special holiday meals in November and December.

“Thanks and appreciation for the Thanksgiving meals. Thank you for the tote and everything in it! I will have the tote bag forever. I enjoyed everything so much. I truly want to thank you.”

“Thank you so much for the Thanksgiving meals and gift. I cried so much when I answered my door and saw the volunteer with her five-year-old daughter who gave me a hug and wished me happy Thanksgiving. That was the best! You’re making people like me, who live alone, feel so special.”

“The Thanksgiving meal was really awesome… very beautiful. The food was really good!”

“Thank you! Thanks to your sweet volunteer. The warmth of the food enhanced the meal. The tote and its treats were a lovely surprise.”

“Thanks for the delicious Thanksgiving meal you sent me yesterday. I enjoyed it a lot. To ALL the staff at God’s Love We Deliver, thank you for all the good you do for me, and others, under my circumstances. Thank you very much. Happy Thanksgiving.”

“I appreciate receiving the gift bag (a big surprise!), Thanksgiving entrees and snacks, and especially the wonderful greeting and hugs from your volunteers.”

“Thank you for your kindness and the Winter Feast! We appreciated and loved everything. Thank you!”

“Good afternoon. I am taking this opportunity to thank God’s Love for the services it provides. I really appreciate the meals delivered for the holidays as it is so stressful when someone can’t manage cooking and being home alone.”

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23rd Annual Midsummer Night Drinks

God’s Love We Deliver and friends brought Provençal flair to the Hamptons for the 23rd Annual Midsummer Night Drinks hosted by Lisa and James Cohen, in partnership with GALERIE magazine.