Yesterday, our wonderful friend, Heidi Klum spent her morning with our God’s Love team of chefs and volunteers chopping and preparing meals for our clients. Heidi has supported God’s Love throughout the years at events and as a volunteer. Last year, Heidi celebrated our 25th anniversary with us by delivering meals to our clients who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves (watch her video here).

Heidi came to God’s Love with her signature smile and enough energy to fill our entire kitchen! She jumped into an apron and hat, rolled up her sleeves, washed her hands and got to work. She was joined by God’s Love Board member, Desiree Gruber and our President & CEO, Karen Pearl. The three took to their chopping stations for a great morning of chatting and chopping.

Heidi and her choppers-in-crime flew through our bin of red peppers (all for vegetable soup) from slicing and de-seeding to soup-chopping so that the delicious red peppers could be roasted and ready for our delicious and nutritious soups. Not only did they chop a great chop, but they even carved their final red peppers in to hearts! Now that was some great “heartwork”!

We are so grateful to Heidi for visiting us and helping prepare our food. We are grateful for her volunteerism that not only helps our clients but also spreads the word of our mission and the work that we do for our neighbors in need.

Have a peek at our photo album on Facebook – and be sure to check out the red pepper “heartwork”!

Heidi made a video of her morning in our kitchen… have a look here!