Knife safety is extremely important in any kitchen and the God’s Love kitchen is no exception. The knives we work with our large and very sharp, and paying attention to the instrument you’re using and your work area is important for your safety and those around you!

Below are some tips that our Director of Culinary Services, Nic Cortese, would like to make sure everyone knows. Be careful in the kitchen … and have fun!

• Carry a knife by the handle with the tip down and the blade turned away from your body.
• Place a damp cloth under the cutting board to prevent it from sliding.
• Keep the point of the knife on the cutting board while you chop.
• Cut downward and away from your body.
• Use your free hand to firmly hold the food item against the cutting board, making sure fingers are out of the way of any slips that might occur.
• Keep knives away from the edge of the counter to lessen the chance of being knocked off. Step out of the way if a knife is dropped. Never try to catch a falling knife or blade.
• Wash knives immediately after use. Do not leave knives in a sink of soapy water where they cannot be seen. Keep the sharp edge of the knife away from you when washing.

Thanks to Instagram user @christiancbrady for this great photo!