10.3.18 / Nutrition

Helping Clients with Chronic Kidney Disease

God’s Love is the only medically tailored, home-delivered meal program in the New York metropolitan area that provides meals for people living with chronic kidney disease (CKD). In the past year, we cooked and home-delivered 264,867 medically tailored meals for 1,084 people in households affected by CKD.

Managing CKD requires following an individualized, specific, balanced meal plan designed to compensate for reduced kidney function, and, over time, dialysis. Our plan is moderate in certain nutrients and fluids to ensure that clients stay well-nourished and feel as well as possible. Over the summer, God’s Love successfully piloted a renal-friendly breakfast program, and is working to implement this option on a wider scale.

In addition to delicious meals, our Nutrition Services team provides nutrition education and counseling to clients with CKD. Recently, the team conducted a survey of CKD
clients to evaluate their interests, needs, and preferences for education. Based on the results, one of our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists conducted a teleconference focusing on CKD and cardiovascular disease risk, and the organization is planning more events around these topics.

We are proud to serve this community as we continue to strive to meet the urgent needs of clients living with CKD.

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