For the first time ever, God’s Love has cooked and home delivered more than 1 million meals in a single year. Our fiscal year ends today, and we are proud to share that we cooked and delivered 1,000,732 meals this year. What a milestone for us!

From the bottom of my heart I  thank everyone — our staff,  volunteers, Board members,  supporters  and God’s Love ambassadors — for the commitment and hard work that  made this possible. It’s a remarkable achievement. 

As God’s Love We Deliver celebrates 25 years of service to the community, we are astounded and humbled by this accomplishment. None of our work is possible without the incredible dedication, compassion, love, advocacy and extraordinary efforts that come from our extended God’s Love community. We are most grateful for the unwavering support we receive and look forward to serving the urgent needs of all of our clients in the years to come.

Tonight, lift a glass of champagne, sparkling water or whatever is your drink of choice in celebration of all that we have accomplished together in service and support of our most vulnerable neighbors.