To our wonderful Community,

As National Volunteer Week comes to a close, we want to take a moment to recognize and thank our dedicated volunteers. Their great care for our clients and their tireless commitment to advancing the mission of God’s Love, is truly inspiring.

For 32 years, God’s Love has been cooking and delivering the tailored, nutritious meals that our clients so urgently require. From the very beginning, we recognized the force of the tremendous heart of our volunteers, and today, we are proud and humbled to have the help of over 10,000 individuals who give their time and talent to God’s Love every year.

Because we believe that no one should face the dual crises of illness and hunger, we have grown at an astounding pace — 140% in the last 10 years!

What does this look like? Here are just a few highlights. Last year our volunteers and staff:

  • Cooked 6,600 meals every day
  • Conducted more than 6,300 nutrition assessments and counseling sessions
  • Managed over 100,000 calls from clients
  • Cooked almost 3,600 pounds of turkey for Thanksgiving
  • Drove 187,000 miles
  • Rang over 245,000 doorbells
  • Visited almost 1,000 clients every delivery day

Every volunteer at God’s Love had a hand in accomplishing those extraordinary milestones.

But numbers tell only part of the story. We know that Food is Medicine and Food is Love, and nowhere is that more apparent than when we look at the service of our volunteers. Because of them, our clients and their families are able to stay in their homes where they are most at peace.

Volunteers are truly the backbone of God’s Love. Whether chopping in our kitchen at the crack of dawn or after a long day at work, or strapping their children into car seats to deliver a meal to a neighbor on Thanksgiving, or returning voicemails and doing paperwork, our volunteers make it possible for God’s Love to be there for our clients. With their help, we will provide over 1.7 million nutritious meals this year to New Yorkers in great need.

Today and every day we honor our volunteers and thank them for their extraordinary service and dedication. Their engagement and commitment are unparalleled, and we are grateful for their gifts of time and heart. We thank them for choosing to make God’s Love a part of their lives, and for making our life-saving services possible.